P1018 OBD Code Definition:
P1018 Intake Manifold Runner Bank 2 Lower Limit Not Reached
P1018 OBD Code Description:

Possible causes
– Faulty Intake Manifold Runner Motor 2
– Manifold Runner Motor 2 harness is open or shorted
– Manifold Runner Motor 2 circuit poor electrical connection
– Faulty Intake Manifold Flap 2

Possible Symptoms
– Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)

Possible Solutions

  • Check Fuse(s)
  • Check Wiring and/or Connector(s) from/to Intake Manifold Runner Motor 2
  • Check/Replace Intake Manifold Runner Motor 2
    • Perform Output Test
    • Perform System Test
  • Check Linkage between Intake Manifold Runner Motor 2 and Intake Manifold Flap 2 Movement, Rust and when necessary use Lubricants to repair it. If the Flap is still sluggish, also lubricate the Flap Bearings.
  • Check/Replace Intake Manifold Flap 2

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