C1505 OBD Code Definition:
C1505 Dynamic Stability Control Left Rear Valve Malfunction
C1505 OBD Code Description:

OBD Code C1505

Dynamic stability control left rear valve malfunction

One thought on “C1505

  1. Gokhan

    hi. i have Fiat Stilo Abarth 2.4 Selespeed 2002 Petrol…
    i get asr/esp fault code on screen when i press the brake pedal…
    i checked almost lots of things..i also changed brake light switch changed lots of fuses…now i dont get any fault code but it is still goes on when i press brake…and when this fault comes on all the brake systems are gets disable.No abs no asr no esp…..
    hope you can give me some clue… thank you…


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